Music City Center gets its first quarterly report card

Music City Center gets its first quarterly report card

The Music City Center has generated over $26 million in economic impact during its first full quarter of operations, Convention Center Authority officials announced today.
The $623 million convention center, which opened in late May, held 100 events in July, August and September. In total, the events… read more

Nashville Lifestyles: Girl Gone Glam

Nashville Lifestyles: Girl Gone Glam
Laurie Sheinkopf has a condo in the downtown building, the Viridian, to die for.  This month it’s featured in Nashville Lifestyles.

 … read more

Nashville is the New “It” City

NASHVILLE — Portland knows the feeling. Austin had it once, too. So did Dallas. Even Las Vegas enjoyed a brief moment as the nation’s “it” city.
Now, it’s Nashville’s turn.

Here in a city once embarrassed by its Grand Ole Opry roots, a place that sat on the sidelines while its Southern sisters boomed economically, it… read more

5 Great Reasons to Move to Nashville

Whether looking for a calmer, more relaxed way of life or searching for the perfect place to spend those golden years in retirement, Tennessee is the perfect choice! But not just anywhere in Tennessee, head to the middle Tennessee area to the state capital of Nashville to make your new home. Known as Music City USA,… read more