2014 Real EstateTrends

Top 10 real estate trends for 2014
If the real estate recovery is a baseball game, we’re in the fourth or fifth inning.
So what will the rest of the game look like?
Experts from the Urban Land Institute unveiled their view of how the rest of the recovery will play out in their… read more


Are you an anxious first time buyer?

4 Soothing Insights for Anxious First-Time Buyers’
Anxiety is an autonomic nervous system response that is hard-wired into every human being. It’s part of our instinctive reaction to sensing a danger or threat in the wild – and the wild world of real estate is no exception. Of course, buying a home doesn’t involve an actual,… read more

Real Estate News & Analysis

One in Four Home Sellers Forced to Lower their Asking Price in September
It’s a little early for annual look-backs, but 2013 will probably be recognized as the year of the buying frenzy… until it wasn’t. Nearly every month, headlines reported home prices hitting or surpassing five-year highs, and fierce bidding wars made some sellers question… read more

4 Ways to Know Whether to Sell or Stay Put

Wonder if you should Sell or Stay?
Every real estate market creates its own buyer and seller personas, or profiles. When the market is slow and prices are low, it brings out ‘the wheeler-dealer’ and ‘the lowballer,’ as well as the ‘paralyzed panicker’ in some buyers.
But sellers aren’t immune.
And in a warm or hot… read more

Cleaning Green and Less Expensive

Many people are seeking out alternatives to harsh cleaners for their home.  There are options in green cleaning products, and there are everyday products that are less expensive than going to a specific “green” marketed product.
Ever on the alert for green cleaning products that are truly green, we found one that’s been around for decades:… read more

Best of Nashville 2013: Florist

Best Florist
My condo is regularly decorated with flower arrangements from OSHi.  For every event, photo shoot, video and just to make me smile, I make sure I get fresh flowers from this talented designer!  Well done, Perri for winning this year’s Best of Nashville award!
Perri Crutcher comes by his soulfulness naturally as… read more